2 Brothers Sing Chilling Duet Of 'Tears In Heaven'

2 Brothers Sing Chilling Duet Of 'Tears In Heaven'

Check out this chilling duet of two talented brothers singing the song ‘Tears In Heaven’ by Eric Clapton.

“Would you know my name? If I saw you in heaven
Would it be the same? If I saw you in heaven
I must be strong and carry on
‘Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven”

The two brothers in this music video are Clint and Bob, and they make up the group Music Travel Love. The pair is performing this song at the top of a mountain with incredible views behind them. It is just the two of them, their voices, two guitars, and one microphone. And the whole performance is just simple, serene, and peaceful.

The brothers’ voices blend so well together as they sing ‘Tears In Heaven,’ and it is beautiful to see the surrounding landscape around them as you listen to the song. The video shows scenes from above them as well as fluffy clouds that are capping off the mountain top that they are standing on.

Clint and Bob are from Canada and have been performing since the early age of 4 years old. Over the course of their career, they have sold over six million records, recorded 7 albums, and have Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries.

In 2015, the brothers released a single called ‘Goodbye Baby’ on The Highway Sirius XM that charted in the top 20. And in 2018, the duo started Music Travel Love and began their journey traveling around the world setting up their studio to create music outdoors. They share their music adventures on their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this calming rendition of ‘Tears In Heaven’ by the group Music Travel Love. May you have a peaceful and blessed day!

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