'Amazing Grace / He is Lord' Celtic Worship Performance

'Amazing Grace / He is Lord' Celtic Worship Performance

Listen to this beautiful arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace / He is Lord’ performed by Celtic Worship.

This mashup builds through the entire video while more musicians join in both in the audio and video. I have goosebumps from the power of this group worship even though they were all separated.

Steph Macleod arranged his two favorite hymns into an incredible mashup for Celtic Worship to sing. He is a singer and songwriter based in Scotland where he also works as a worship leader. Steph has released two albums and is currently working on a third to bring God and people closer together through song.

When he found God almost 15 years ago, Steph didn’t have a home and began his recovery journey from addiction. He credits the Bethany Christian Trust with helping him start a new life and building his relationship with God. Now, Steph dedicates his life to sharing God’s grace through worship and mentoring the younger generation of worship musicians.

Other Celtic Worship members joined Steph for this performance. Celtic Worship includes a bunch of talented folk musicians from Scotland that perform a mix of classic and contemporary worship music accompanied by bagpipes, whistles, fiddles, and other instruments.

Over 40 people joined together to create ‘Amazing Grace / He is Lord’ for this year’s National Day of Prayer in Scotland (June 2). The performance involved professional singers and musicians, worship leaders, churches, and charities, and together, they created this wonderful work of art.

The recording will be released as a single for charity. It will raise money for the Bethany Christian Trust, a charity organization that helps the homeless in Scotland. A beautiful song for an important cause.

Each soloist’s individual talent is incredible, but nothing compares to the emotion that comes from everyone singing together by the end. Definitely worth the watch and one of my favorite versions of ‘Amazing Grace.”

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