3-Year-Old Shows Off Incredible Dance Moves

3-Year-Old Shows Off Incredible Dance Moves

When a young person has talent beyond his years, it reminds us of the giftings that only God can give. In this video, a 3-year-old shows off his incredible dance moves.

Liang Liang is a young boy in China who steps up and joins in the fun with professional dance performers. As the group of young adults wearing white and green perform on the beautiful streets, your eyes cannot help but look a few feet down at the preschooler who has the moves. This 3-year-old boy has more talent in picking up choreography than most adults.

As the dance group shows off their hip-hop moves, Liang Liang steals the show with his accuracy and ability to keep up. They step in line, spin, kick, and hop. This prodigy adds his own flair to the dance by moving a little out of the lineup and personalizing the moves.

This video is viral with more than 4.3 million views! The boy has captured the hearts and attention of many people around the world with his gift. The moment that I saw this adorable and fun-loving little guy, I had to keep watching. There is no doubt that if he desires to pursue dance that he will have a bright future.

Liang Liang reminds me that we should all be joyful before the Lord. Dancing is a visual of celebration in this clip. In the Bible, David danced unashamedly with all that he had for God. We can be reminded by Liang Liang in this video that we too can move in gratitude for the life that we have in Christ.

"And David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod." 2 Samuel 6:14

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