Bird Sings Along With Owner During Guitar Duet

Bird Sings Along With Owner During Guitar Duet

Listen as this talented bird sings along with his owner during a guitar duet. I can’t get enough of him!

Tico the parrot loves the spotlight -- and his colorful feathers were made to shine!

His owner, Frank Maglio, started playing guitar and singing around the house, and after a while, Tico joined in. Even though parrots are known as talented imitators, Frank knew his feathered son had something special.

Once Frank uploaded a video of their beautiful music, they became internet stars. Tico was clearly born for a life of fame. Just look at his power stances as he hits those notes!

In the clip, Frank plays chords on his acoustic guitar next to Tico who is perched on top of his cage. The bird’s notes seem incredibly dramatic. He moves all around the top of his cage as he flawlessly executes his one-of-a-kind riffs.

This talented little bird gained almost 150,000 subscribers with only a handful of videos uploaded to his Youtube account. That’s pretty impressive, buddy!

All of the comments on the video express support and love for the rising musical duo. But let’s be honest, Frank is just there for instrumentals. Tico is what the people really want.

Tico shared his musical light with the world when everything seemed dark during the pandemic. We all needed some lighthearted laughs and smiles. Now, Tico and Frank are still sharing musical content with the internet.

We hope these special music makers continue to bring joy through music. I know I’m a fan!

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