Momma Cat Introduces 1-Week-Old Kitten To The Dog

Momma Cat Introduces 1-Week-Old Kitten To The Dog

Watch the cuteness unfold as this momma cat introduces 1-week-old kitten to the dog.

While mom is getting situated, the dog seems to get within inches of the kitten. Whether the kitten can see yet or not, it can sense a large creature getting real close. Uh-oh! Where’d mom go?

Mommy cat turns around and gets in between them to give her baby some space.

Once she settles next to the dog in a spot she can control the situation, the pitbull begins sniffing in the tiny fluffball’s direction. Even though the dog is laying down too, he stretches his neck out to get as close as possible to the baby without triggering momma.

But momma still doesn’t like that -- after all, the kitten’s eyes might not even be open yet. She has to be the eyes for her baby!

Mom reaches her paw out to gently touch the dog’s nose as if she’s saying, “No touch. Just look.” Ha! Just like a human mom would in a store with her kids!

The pitbull respectfully inches its head back. He probably knows that nobody messes with momma! This sweety and its fellow pitbulls don’t deserve their aggressive stereotype. They’re gentle creatures!

Since the kitty’s eyes are probably still closed, momma kitty stretches her arm toward her baby as if she’s rubbing the kitten’s back to let it know she’s still right there. That’s a good combination of space and support for effective parenting! Way to go, momma!

Although there isn’t sound, I’m sure that kitten was meowing everyone’s ears off! They tend to do their tiny talking in unfamiliar situations.

Good luck to this new mommy (as if she needs it!) and good luck to the pitbull as the baby grows -- the kitten will probably start harassing the dog as soon as its eyes open!

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