Cat Is Stunned When Owner Spins A Coin

Cat Is Stunned When Owner Spins A Coin

This curious cat is stunned when owner spins a coin, and I can’t hand the cuteness!

The little orange kitty can’t believe her eyes. This is some type of magic! No way that coin can just keep spinning!

While sitting in her dad’s lap, she’s introduced to a neat party trick. Her dad takes some type of board game coin and spins it on its edge right in front of her. She has her paw up as if she’s about to whack it but then covers her face.

“Dad?! What is this sorcery?!” - the cat, probably

Animals’ reactions to new and foreign objects is almost always amusing. This reminds me of the videos of cats reacting to cucumbers!

Dad takes the coin and spins it again. The goofy kitty almost covers her eyes in complete shock. But the next time he spins the coin, the cat seems a little more comfortable -- more interested instead of scared.

She lifts her paw to her nose instead of covering her eyes. What’s she going to do the next time that evil coin starts dancing?!

The dad spins it again. It looks as if shes going to lift her paw to cover her face… but then she attacks! Both paws on top of that coin! She got it! We are all so proud of you, you precious creature!

She then pulls it closer to the edge and attempts to bite it or pick it up. What a goofball!

This is definitely one of those videos that you can’t help but play over and over again. The reactions are just too weird and too cute to get over after watching it just once.

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