'Mary 4 Mayor' Inspiring Movie Trailer Starring Corbin Bernsen

'Mary 4 Mayor' Inspiring Movie Trailer Starring Corbin Bernsen

Watch the trailer for ‘Mary 4 Mayor,’ an inspiring movie starring Corbin Bernsen.

Politics has the power to divide people -- even families. So, imagine the tension between a dad and his daughter both running for mayor of their town. Yikes!

In this movie, “Mary 4 Mayor,” that exact situation may have created an incredibly inspiring and hopeful story.

Meet Mary. She seems like your average senior in high school without a plan for her future and acts indifferently about her life.

Until she hears that the building that a senior home is in is being shut down. An entire street with old storefront buildings might be condemned. Luckily, her dad is the town mayor who could help!

With his mind focused on a set agenda, her dad refuses to help save their home. Since he won’t do the right thing, Mary decides to run for mayor to save the town and get payback on her dad for leaving the family. I already like the sound of this!

Mary gathers a bunch of her high school peers to run her campaign centered around the phrase, ‘we can do better.’ She wants to show the town that even though they’re younger, they can still make a difference.

You can see in one scene where Mary sits on the opposite side of the church from her dad. Their relationship is clearly falling apart, and it’s already breaking my heart. But this seems like a movie with a happy ending.

Corbin Bernsen plays Mary’s grandfather and the preacher. He also directed AND helped write the film. Apparently, he does it ALL!

In the trailer, his character says, “Whatever happens, perhaps forgiveness should be the first and last thought of every day.” Couldn’t be said better.

While trying to save the historic street, Mary attempts to repair her relationship with her dad. And of course, there’s a little love story on the side between Mary and her crush!

This light-hearted story may be the kind of inspiration you need to forgive and spread God’s love.

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