Curious Man Touches A Clam Shell And Gets Unexpected Surprise

Curious Man Touches A Clam Shell And Gets Unexpected Surprise

While we may not understand the words spoken in this video, we know without a doubt that the curious man touching the clamshell got an unexpected surprise.

The scene that played out on a shore somewhere in Thailand reminds many of a day from a beach vacation. The gentleman, along with one or two companions, appears to have stopped during a seaside stroll to take a closer look at a particularly interesting shell.

He bends down, first pressing gently at the clam’s shell and then running his finger along the wavy edge of the clam. If not for its unique shape, it might have gone unnoticed resting among rocks that look to be a very similar color of gray.

The beach visitor then gives a little poke at the most open part of the shell. Though we don’t know, I suspect that his walking partner asked if the creature is alive. He gives another light jab at the clam, this time just a bit further into the opening. A bit more conversation. And, he lands one final finger probe at the clam.

Instantly and with considerable power, considering the size of the shell, the very-much-alive clam spews a cloudy gust of water right at the curious man. The man jumps back, and we see a flurry of flips-flops as he and his group compose themselves. If a soft, slow opening of the shell and the sight of several sparkling pearls was what he hoped for, he was sorely disappointed.

Isn’t it cool that even a little clam has been given tools to protect and defend itself in its environment? In addition to the protective shell, many clams have a super muscular foot that allows them to burrow deep into the sand for shelter. In order to breathe while under the sand, there is a siphon that extends several inches up from the sand or silt to the fresh air above. And, evidently, they have this interesting little squirting trick, too! That definitely got the attention of the clam’s unwelcome admirer!

The surprise might not have been what any expected, but it may be better. The beachcomber might not have discovered pearls or found a souvenir he could take home, but he and we viewers got a reminder of the wonder of God’s creation!

“Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” John 1:3

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