Sleeping Dog Wakes Up When She Hears The Magic Word

Sleeping Dog Wakes Up When She Hears The Magic Word

We have a very special dog here, one sleeping dog that wakes up when she hears the magic word.

The video begins with the pup’s owner talking to the camera. He sits comfortably on the couch with her, one arm resting across her. The dog’s name is Xena.

He trains his eyes on the camera when he says, “You can see she’s sleeping peacefully.” He goes on to explain that if he says a particular word, Xena’s going to wake up. He spells the word before saying it so that he can prove to us what he means. He spells out the word letter by letter. C-h-i-c-k-e-n.

Sounds baffling, but he is convinced she will wake and has filmed the video to prove such. Chicken isn’t the only word either. The man says that “outside” is another word that will wake Xena, along with “ride,’ and “car.’

He speaks to the camera earnestly and honestly then proves his theory. The dog owner begins calling out random foods. Peanut Butter. Steak. Beef. ‘Bone’ and ‘dog treat’ did not wake the dog either.

He speaks clearly and the dog does not cease her loud snoring. As the owner shoots out words, he recalls that “walk” and “toys” will also cause the pup to wake.

We realize that his theory is true when he says the word chicken. The moment he speaks this, the dog’s one visible eye opens. The man makes a face, clearly trying to keep himself from laughing. The same can’t be said about us who have no obligation not to laugh. The sight is funny without a doubt.

Xena even sits up though he stops speaking. The word chicken must be rolling around in her mind. She looks pretty serious, but he is so clearly humored.

We learn from the video description that the duo lives in Ontario, Canada.

The video description also reads, “In this video, my dog Xena was laying with me on the couch at home after a long walk sleeping and snoring super super loud. I know that when I was trying to wake her up she only responds to a few different words if she’s in a really deep sleep.”

“So while she was sleeping I decided to set my camera up and talk about the word that she would respond to and see if she would wake up. I did not expect her to react the way she did, it was actually hilarious and I’m so glad that I put it on video because no one would believe me unless I showed them. She loves chicken and it will get her attention at any time.”

People online were humored by the video. One person commented, “‘Chicken’ went through the dog's brain faster than the speed of light.”

Another said, “That eye came open DEAD out of sleep. I'm crying laughing!

One more offered, “Dog: I could've sworn someone said chicken.”

We may not know what, but something is going through that dog’s mind for sure!

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