Woman Fights Off A Bear Trying To Attack Her Dogs

Woman Fights Off A Bear Trying To Attack Her Dogs

Watch this woman as she fights off a bear trying to attack her dogs!

This mama bear chose the wrong balcony to climb! You’ve heard that you should never mess with a mama bear with her cubs around. But have you ever thought the same thing about dog mom and her fur babies? Well, maybe you should!

This clip shows footage from a security camera perched on Citlally Morinico’s patio, but the brave human? That’s her 17-year-old daughter, Hailey, running to her tiny pup’s rescue. She said that in the moment, she didn’t think twice about it. She just ran.

The dogs were hanging outside on the enclosed patio alone until the owners heard them barking. Thinking that their dogs bark from time to time at random dogs or people, a bear was the last thing Hailey expected.

In the beginning, the mama bear leads her cubs across the stone wall. Yes, they are wild animals just going about their day. Unfortunately, the dogs noticed and charged toward the bears frightening the cubs and triggering the mom.

Three tiny dogs bravely stood up to this bear along with their bigger doggy sibling who immediately went face to face with mama bear. You can see the black dog jumping and barking at the bear while it swats back.

My heart was pounding just watching! It’s a good thing the two weren’t on the same level!

It seems like the bear got a good swat at the bigger dog’s face because it quickly ran the other way after a few seconds. That’s when mama bear starts swatting at one of the little ones.

Somehow mama bear snatches the poor pooch, but luckily, Hailey got there just in time to shove the bear! The little guy was dropped inside the walls and scurried back toward the door while Hailey picked up another small pup that wanted to get a couple of good swings at the bear. Brave little guy!

Luckily, no people, pups, or bears were severely harmed. Brava to Hailey for having the guts to fight a bear! Here’s to hoping that no bears or other dangerous wildlife mess with your dogs again!

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