Figure Skating Couple Perform Jaw-Dropping Tricks On Ice

Figure Skating Couple Perform Jaw-Dropping Tricks On Ice

Can passion defy gravity? Watch this talented figure skating couple perform jaw-dropping tricks on ice and enjoy a front-row seat to the remarkable power of love in action. Together these pro figure skaters prove that trust is a firm foundation in a world of risk.

You'll be riveted by how scandalously close her head and shoulders come to the ice below them. Yet, the two effortlessly rotate in perfect balance.

The duo, Mariyah and Peter Gerber, are performing a stunt affectionately referred to as the “headbanger” or “bounce spin” at The Skating Edge Ice Arena in Torrance, California. Mariyah says: it feels like flying. She adds, “It is a huge crowd-pleaser no matter the audience.”

The couple forged a partnership through spectacular skating performances together, and then one fine day, Peter asked for Mariyah’s hand in marriage on a sunny cliffside. When she says “yes” through tears of joy, friends who filmed the unforgettable moment rejoice.

It’s romance at its finest.

Peter gushes on Instagram, “On May 29, 2017, I let Mariyah know just how much she means to me. How she’s made such a difference in my life. How all I want to do is give her all the happiness she’s given me since we first got together 2 years matter where life takes us, I will always be by her side.”
Now happily married since 2018, the skaters share a joint Instagram account @foreversoundsgoodtome that invites you into their latest adventures as husband and wife. You can also follow them individually, @mariyahgerber and @petergerber.

Scroll through their feeds, and you’ll see how Mariyah’s devotion matches Peter’s as she writes, “It’s so important to me to make my Hubby feel special because he makes me feel special all the time!”

Mariyah’s Insta bio opens first with “married to the love of my life…” and secondly “Pro Figure Skater.” Peter’s proudly points visitors to the duo’s latest creation, @theprincessandherfrogr — a collection of customizable keepsakes that are each a tribute to love and skating.

There’s no doubt about this couple’s priority: shining the source of their joy to encourage others.

Through hilariously adorable TikTok videos that spoof each other, or feature their lovable pup, you’re lifted. It’s as though someone took you by the feet, held on with a love that won’t let go, and spun your heart in the right direction.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8

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