Family Lockdown Parody Set To 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'

Check out this family in the UK who made a hilarious lockdown parody video set to the song ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’

“But we’ve grown a lot in height, there’s no way for us to measure. And if you look, our clothes are tight, we’ve been eating more than ever. All these screens must be harming our sight, ‘cause we’re on all day long. Together we once limited the hours online, now someone’s got the Xbox One on all of the time. I don’t know what to do, we work in fits and starts, we’re sitting in pajamas making catty remarks. We’re really feeling uptight, my bedroom’s like a building site, there’s bedroom’s like a building site. Once upon a time, we could travel abroad, now we barely get in the car, there’s nothing we can do, we’re totally fixed where we are.”

This talented group is the Marsh family, and they definitely came up with some creative lyrics for this parody song that totally fit the times! And they all sound great with their lovely voices and the harmonies that they do throughout the song.

“Still stuck with all four kids at home until at least 8 March, and watching to see what impact the rollout of vaccines will have, versus the arrival of new strains of COVID-19. Hopefully we're going to turn a corner soon,” writes the Marsh family on their YouTube page.

“In the meantime, we opted to take the mickey out of a classic 80s power ballad. This is our parody version of Jim Steinman's 1983 ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ most famously recorded by Bonnie Tyler, which had one of the weirdest music videos ever. It featured lots of disturbing children dancing around a Victorian Gothic hospital in Surrey, so kind of close to home for us...”

This is one family who is using humor and their gifts to uplift and entertain others with their videos online. God bless them all!
Source: Marsh Family

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