Mike Rowe Shares His Opera Voice On The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mike Rowe Shares His Opera Voice On The Kelly Clarkson Show

One of the most alluring and evocative voices on television started out in the opera. Mike Rowe shared his story and opera voice on the Kelly Clarkson show! Yes, Mike Rowe who is well known as the iconic host for Dirty Jobs actually got his start as an opera singer. Before he ever thought of a career in television, Mike actually had a stutter as a child.

He shared on the Kelly Clarkson show how one special teacher helped it get past his stutter. Mike says he was a weird kid with a deep voice and stutter as a freshman in high school. But this teacher saw something in Mike that he didn’t see but when this teacher discovered he had a stutter, he encouraged Mike in the way of ‘demanding’ that Mike try out for the school play. He told Mike that the character he was scripted to play didn’t stutter and that he needed to get into character and Mike could stutter on his own time.

This brilliant and strange way of encouraging Mike changed how he saw himself and his disability. Mike was able to play the part and eventually used this technique in other areas of his life until he was able to get past stuttering. When Mike realized he wanted a career in television, he knew the Opera was his way of making his big break!

As he shared his story with Kelly, he said, “Back in Baltimore in 1984 the unions were a big deal. I wanted to work in acting and commercials and I had to be in the Screen Actors Guild, or in the American Federation of Television and Radio Arts. I couldn’t get into either union because back then, you couldn’t do that kind of work unless you were in the union but you couldn’t do the work unless you had your union card,” he said.

He shared about a loophole, “There was another union called American Guild of Musical Artists, and if you can get into that guild, you can buy your membership into the other guild. It occurred to me that I’d have a better chance at faking my way into the opera than I would into the movies.”

For the opera audition, Mike went to the library and found the music to “La Boheme,” which he sang for Kelly! As he sang the piece to Kelly, she was mesmerized like we all are when Mike speaks! She echoed what we all are thinking, “Oh my gosh! Your tone is magical”

Yes, Kelly, we all agree! Mike’s voice, whether talking or singing is God’s gift for all who hear! None of us can imagine Dirty Jobs without Mike Rowe!

“Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.” Ephesians 5:19

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