Military Dad Surprises Daughter As The School Mascot

Military Dad Surprises Daughter As The School Mascot

It was a heartwarming reunion captured on camera when this military dad surprised his daughter at school. It’s never easy when a loved one is serving in the military. But this is the reality that many families in our nation must deal with every single day.

They are separated for their family member and must navigate the world without them for a time period. This means celebrating births, birthdays, holidays and more without them by your side.

Even though we are all so proud of what these brave men and women are doing for our country, there is still a piece of our heart that aches for them to return home. While adults can understand why their loved one is away, the concept can be much harder for children and teens.

It has been 14 months since 14-year-old Kaylee has seen her father, who was serving overseas. But the wait it finally over and Kaylee has no idea.

During the school day, an assembly was called and students and teachers gathered outside.

With the school’s mascot at the forefront, Kaylee was called to the center. She thought she was about to receive some sort of award, but the real prize was even better.

As Kaylee moved towards the bulldog, the mascot removed it’s mask to reveal Kaylee’s father in disguise. As Kaylee leaps into his arms, you can feel the love and joy radiating from these two loved ones.

We are so grateful for the men and women who choose to serve our country and the many sacrifices they make each and every day. And it’s moments like this that truly make my heart soar!

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