Sleepy Walrus Takes A Nap On The Side Of A Boat

Sleepy Walrus Takes A Nap On The Side Of A Boat

Check out this sleeping walrus that takes a nap on the side of a boat - is hitchhiking in the ocean a thing?

This gigantic creature has traveled across the ocean catching rides on boats. Wally the walrus has visited Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, and Spain in the past few months. Can we really blame him for wanting some rest?

Walruses normally live around the North Pole in colder waters. So researchers are pretty confused by Wally’s adventures! Conservation organizations have been tracking his trail.

Wally has tried getting on many different boats along his journey. Sometimes he caught a ride, and sometimes he ended up breaking the boats or flipping them over. He’s probably sorry about the damage.

In this video, Wally hopped on the boat around the Isles of Scilly. Almost 30 miles out from his last spotting around Cornwall, Wally is certainly on the move!

Nobody has any idea of how he managed to end up so far away from his northern home, but they hope he will manage to make his back without intervention. But obviously, he isn’t opposed to some help along the way.

Since the warmer environment is considerably different from his home, researchers want to make sure that he’s adapting to his surroundings and staying healthy. So far, so good!

Poor Wally clearly squeezed himself into that boat nook when desperate for a nap. This gorgeous lump of blubber probably weighs a couple thousand pounds. Walrus’ lengths range from around 7 to 12 feet. No wonder he barely fits!

Although he resembles a gigantic comfy cushion, researchers warned the boaters to give Wally plenty of room and to not bother him. After all, he’s not threatening anybody’s safety -- just needs a little snooze!

We pray for Wally to return safely to his northern home, doing as little damage as possible to passing boats. Good luck, Wally!

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