4-Year-Old Saves The Day After Alerting Dad To Air Fryer Fire

4-Year-Old Saves The Day After Alerting Dad To Air Fryer Fire

One adorable 4-year-old girl saves the day after seeing her family’s air fryer burst into flames and alerting her dad about the problem.

As soon as the little girl comes onto the scene and sees the flames, she says, “Fire! Oh no, Daddy's gonna kill me," as if it were her fault. How funny!

The little girl’s name is Amelia, and right after she discovers the fire, she swiftly runs away to find her daddy who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom. And as if on cue, a song from the soundtrack to the movie Frozen starts to play as Amelia runs away.

“She said ‘Daddy, you gotta come see this!’ And she’s doing this with her hands,” said Daniel Jermyn, Amelia’s father, as he waves his hands in the air.

In the video, Daniel rushes to the scene of the fire and hurries to get the fire extinguisher. He didn’t end up finding it, so he panics and picks up the flaming air fryer with his bare hands!

“I was trying not to hit the dogs, and there was plastic dripping,” said Daniel. “He burnt his feet,” shared Amelia.

As he rushes out the back door with the burning air fryer, Daniel then tosses it into their pool to extinguish the flames. What a close call! And if it wasn’t for little Amelia, the family could have lost a lot more than just their air fryer.

“When you’re done using your air fryer, you always want to unplug it,” shares Nicole Papantoniou, the Deputy Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute. “And it’s the same thing you want to do with other appliances that have heating elements in them like your toaster or toaster oven.” She also says that you should always clean your air fryer after using it. “Grease accumulates on the bottom and that could definitely start a fire.”

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