Chimps Used In Lab Testing Feel Grass For The First Time

Chimps Used In Lab Testing Feel Grass For The First Time

This is one special video that will bring a smile to your face when these chimps used for lab testing feel grass for the very first time. The video shows a group of chimpanzees seeing the outdoors and feeling fresh air and sunshine on their skin after spending decades indoors. Can you imagine how good that must have felt for them!

These chimps were all used in labs for animal testing and spent their lives in the cages showcased in the video. Some were stolen from the wild, some were born in captivity, but they all only knew the isolation of their cell for the past 30 years. They only knew what life was like indoors.

Like Dr. Jane Goodall was quoted in the video, “They knew nothing except these tiny cages.”

Because of the groundbreaking work of Dr. Jane Goodall, people have been able to see the urgent need there is to protect chimpanzees from extinction. She was able to teach the public the respect and awareness that we need to have for these great creatures.

The sanctuary in the video where the chimps will be able to live out their days is located in Germany. The grounds are lush and widespread, with so much room for the chimps to explore. It’s amazing to see these animals celebrate their newfound freedom together!

There are so many scenes that show the chimps running and playing outside, eating fruit and leaves, feeling the grass beneath their feet, and climbing way up into the trees. The best part is when they are happily embracing each other when they first get a look of the outside world. You can visibly see their emotion when they are hugging and smiling at one another.

It is a wonderful thing to see these chimpanzees released, finally able to enjoy what they should have had access to all along. God bless these beautiful animals!

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