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Gentlemen Trio GENTRI Sings For Delayed Passengers Stuck At Airport

Gentlemen Trio GENTRI Sings For Delayed Passengers Stuck At Airport

The talented men of GENTRI bring some much-needed cheer to the airport with an a cappella performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’ On February 10th, the trio was stuck in the Kansas City Airport after their flight was delayed. There were many other passengers in the same situation, so the mood wasn’t the best in the terminal. That’s when these men decided to bring some warm to the airport by singing. They spoke to the gate attendant who helped them with making an announcement. Then, they sat side by side, in the middle of the terminal and started to sing.

“Well, I see trees of green and red roses too
I'll watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world”

At first, the men were getting a lot of weird glances. But before too long, strangers were stopping to watch the performance or pulling out their phones to capture the incredible moment. After their first some, the group seamlessly transitions into the Jason Mraz hit ‘I’m Yours.’

They blend these two ukulele songs together and it’s just mesmerizing. After the a cappella song ends, you can see the biggest smiles all over the airport as people stand up and clap for the talented men of GENTRI.

This trio definitely spread some warmth and cheer with this impromptu serenade and I am so glad that it was all captured on camera. I sure wish I could have seen this performance in person. What about you?