I Am Spartacus Mocks Gym Bullies In Comedic Song 'Hey Bro'

I Am Spartacus Mocks Gym Bullies In Comedic Song 'Hey Bro'

Rockin’ band, “I am Spartacus” has a song for all those hot-headed gym bullies. “Hey Bro” is a clean comedic song mocking the buff bullies via a creative and catchy tune. With heavy drums and featuring a funny cowbell solo, these guys clearly had fun making this ridiculous look at pushy bully personalities!

Clad in funny retro gym attire, complete with 1980’s sweatbands, I Am Spartacus clearly knows how to look the part! The music video features some of the bands very large and muscle-bound friends as the ”bullies” picking on the band members. The song highlights bully triggers such as parking in “their” space or accidentally bumping into them.

“Came to me in the parking lot. Guess I beat you to your favorite spot. Visibly angry after one too many, and now you’re late to your mani-pedi. Now it’s time to put me into my place and wipe that stupid grin off of my face. You put your finger in my chest, and let your ego do the rest saying… ‘Hey bro! do you even lift?’”

As the song goes on, all the stereotypical antagonist behaviors that we all have dealt with since childhood and still may see in adult interactions! Featured are the “wedgie”, giving up your favorite guitar, stealing the ball, and even pushing the smaller guy around.

“You ran into me just the other day, I keep forgetting that I’m in your way, and while I’m putting ice upon my shoulder, I noticed yours is only getting older. Before you let me have a piece of your mind, don’t hurt yourself I know it’s hard to find. You got that ‘hey bro’ look in your eyes. That’s when you’re out to cut me down to size saying... Hey bro! Do you even lift?”

With joke after joke, I Am Spartacus continued to poke fun at all the bullies out there. Maybe the bullies out there will see the error in their ways and begin to live a life free of tomfoolery after seeing how ridiculous their actions look in this spoof!

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