Funny Family Sings About Halloween Candy 'Mommy Tax'

Funny Family Sings About Halloween Candy 'Mommy Tax'

Comedic duo, The Holderness Family are well-known for their hysterically funny videos on parenting. ‘Tis the season for children to be stashing away hoards of candy. That is until they are hit with the “Mommy Tax”. That’s right, this year, Mom is looking for her cut of the seasonal candy haul!

"Kids are adorable, kids are funny,
Kids know candy but they don't know money.
So what better way to teach them financial facts than little thing called 'Mommy Tax'
It is something we've been doing since 2013
And it's something we use a lot on Halloween
She raises you and feeds you so don't get bent
When it comes to food she gets 33 percent."

Parents often are wondering what to do with all the candy that their young kids bring home from trick or treating. But for the Holderness Family, they have a game plan to solve this abundance of sweets! Mommy Tax is a way for children to “pay back” their Moms for all the random tasks that they complete for their children throughout the day. Of course, we all know this is just a big joke because any Mom will tell you that she does these tasks out of the goodness of her heart and wouldn’t change the opportunity to serve her family. But an option of getting a few more sweet snacks as a benefit of the job definitely is appreciated!

If we’re honest, most parents look forward to seeing the treats their children bring home because they know they will get a snack or two themselves! None of the taffy though, we want all the chocolate!

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