Andrea Bocelli Didn't Know Son Matteo Could Sing Until A Few Years Ago

Andrea Bocelli Didn't Know Son Matteo Could Sing Until A Few Years Ago

Andrea Bocelli and son Matteo have been in the spotlight quite a lot with their new duet “Fall On Me”. The song is from Bocelli’s new album “Si” and is featured in Disney’s “Nutcracker and the Four Realms”.

“Si” is Andrea’s first album in fourteen years and his fans have been eagerly awaiting. The cherry on top has been his duet with youngest son, Matteo. Now Andrea and Matteo are discussing what it’s like to work together as father and son

“It’s very meaningful to me because it talks about the beautiful relation that I have with my father, and about the relation that many sons [have] with their parents.” shares Matteo.

“Until two years ago, I didn’t know that Matteo sang. Because he stayed at the piano, he knows music just for this… And one time his mother came to me and said, 'Have you heard Matteo sing?' And I said no. And she said, 'Try to listen to him because he's very nice,'" Andrea told CBS Gayle King.

Andrea lost his sight as a young boy in a fútbol accident (soccer). But he never lost his passion for living life to the fullest, including riding horses. While it may make his family nervous, they know that if he truly loves something they cannot stop him.

This zest for life seems to carry over to his music and performances as well as the way he loves his family. There is no doubt that Andrea is completely smitten with his children. We love watching the interaction between father and son. As he is helping Matteo navigate a musical career, Andrea shares that he believes musical success like his own is safer earned later in life and is “better for the soul because success is very dangerous”. When asked what he wants to see happen with his own life, 21-year-old Matteo quickly responds,“My dream is to achieve the success of my Dad”. If Matteo continues to work hard and learn from his talented father, we think that just might be possible!