Clean Comedy Song 'Nobody Wants to Be A Hipster'

Clean Comedy Song 'Nobody Wants to Be A Hipster'

Check out this hilarious clean comedy song titled ‘Nobody Wants to Be A Hipster”’ by comedic musical duo “I Am Spartacus”. These talented guys share on their Youtube channel that they “believe in changing the world one guitar riff at a time.” With hilarious spoofs like this one, they will definitely do just that!

The incredibly catchy tune is very reminiscent of the Beach Boys’ sound. Featuring a plethora of reasons why folks might not want to be a “hipster” it amusingly tackles the modern trend. Of course, the entire song is in good fun!

“You used to wear Levi 501’s
you used to know how to throw a football
Now you wear the same pants your girlfriend does
Tell me the origin of your downfall
Everybody wants to be hip
Nobody wants to be a hip, hip, hipster!”

Combined with some spot-on wardrobes, the band highlights all the amusing hipster stereotypes. With a blend of doo-wop and pop rock musical stylings, “I Am Spartacus” takes the listener on a musically-driven, comedic journey of silly hipster behavior. The video has the comedians pretending to be in a “therapy session” for hipsters. Tackling norms like bicycling to lower the carbon footprint, while obsessively drinking coffee, to wearing a fedora with a man-bun underneath I Am Spartacus leaves no stone left unturned! Unique name spellings (“Timothay”), pristine vintage-styled work boots, and skinny jeans are all part of the jokesters line up of hipster identifiers!

Know someone who dresses like a lumberjack, is picky about their hot liquids, and rides a unicycle? Make sure to share this silly video with them and share a laugh! We personally don’t have anything against those who identify as a “hipster” but this quirky song does make us second guess a few of our favorite trends – ahem, if a coffee obsession can be called a trend!

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