Man with Disabilities Pushes Scooter with His Hands to Share the Gospel

Man with Disabilities Pushes Scooter with His Hands to Share the Gospel

This man with disabilities pushes scooter with his hands to move village to village sharing the Gospel. Pastor José had a radio show that was his only method of reaching these remote towns, hours away in the mountains of northwest Mexico.

Eusebia heard about Jesus through Pastor Josés radio show. [She] was one of the first people in her village to become a believer in Jesus Christ. “I have experienced personally the Gospel,” she said. “I believe that God is good and that He has brought me salvation. There is no other way to find salvation without Jesus.”

Over the years, the believers in the village grew to four. The number has been increasing dramatically since Pastor José handed out Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts at a Gospel outreach event nearly two years ago.

Eusebia’s 11-year-old grandson, Jonathan, was one of several children who prayed to receive Jesus Christ during the Operation Christmas Child Gospel presentation. “At first I thought that Jesus was speaking only to the adults, but I learned that Jesus loves children, too,” Jonathan said. “I learned to pray to Him. I like to pray.”

There are no established churches in La Laguna, but Pastor José hopes that Eusebia’s Bible study is the beginning of a congregation that will continue for generations.

“The children and their faith are going to be like a greenhouse,” he said. “They are the future of the church because they are learning about God, receiving Him, and they are telling their parents about Him.”

Without a car of his own, Pastor José relies on fellow church members in Tecuala who drive him to the village every few weeks. When he was just 2, José began to exhibit signs of polio, which inhibited muscle development in his legs. He gets around with a scooter he pushes with his hand. “For most of my life, I’ve used this scooter as my feet,” he said. “I could use a wheelchair, but it would be more difficult for me to move around in it.”

Pastor José’s goal is to reach people in more mountain villages with the Gospel through Operation Christmas Child. “I’m still looking for new places to share the Word so every kid can learn about God,” he said. “We have a mission on the mountains that started with La Laguna. As people are accepting God and sharing His Word, the message is spreading.”

Thank God for this man’s dedication to sharing the Gospel with others!

For the past 25 years, Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse, has partnered with local churches in more than 100 countries to distribute gifts to boys and girls in need and tell them about God’s Greatest Gift—Jesus Christ.

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