'Who Am I/Praise You In This Storm' Mashup - Chad Graham

'Who Am I/Praise You In This Storm' Mashup - Chad Graham

Chad Graham (from musical group Anthem Lights) recently released the single “Who Am I / Praise You In This Storm”. We love hearing these two songs as a musical “mash up” or medley. The lyrics of each song go so well together. They share the important and encouraging message to believers that God knows us each by name and is supporting us through all of our endeavors.

“Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth / Would care to know my name / Would care to feel my hurt? / Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star / Would choose to light the way / For my ever wandering heart?”

What a beautiful reminder of God’s love for each and every one of us! The “Lord of all the earth” is seeking us out and wants to be a part of our lives even if that is the hard times. God helps carry our burdens. He truly loves us as the perfect Father.

“As the thunder rolls / I barely hear Your whisper through the rain / ‘I'm with you’ And I'll praise You in this storm / And I will lift my hands / For You are who You are / No matter where I am”

God has made so many promises to the believer, and each one He keeps. The Bible is clear that when we are in need of rescue, God is there. There is no mountain bigger than what our God is able to tackle. With Him on our side, supporting and loving us, we should have no worry about what tomorrow brings! Amen?