The Other Side (The Greatest Showman) - Peter Hollens Chester See

The Other Side (The Greatest Showman) - Peter Hollens Chester See

Peter Hollens is a classically trained vocalist who is better known for his stunning YouTube a cappella renditions of popular music. Hollens doesn’t disappoint with “The Other Side”. For the untrained ear, it’s easy to think that there is music in the background, but all of the sounds are made by his vocals and mouth!

The Greatest Showman tells the fictionalized story of P.T. Barnum building his unconventional circus with some of societies cast offs. In order to realize his dream, Barnum knew he needed a financial backer. This song from the movie tells the moment that Barnum (Hugh Jackman) convinces wealthy playwright Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron) to fill that partnership role.

“Don't you wanna get away from the same old part you gotta play
'Cause I got what you need
So come with me and take the ride
It'll take you to the other side”

Peter Hollens and Chester See took a slightly different slant on the scene, still filming in bar location but hysterically it seems Hollens character continues to replace drinks with non-alcoholic Shirley Temple drinks! We love that every part is played by Hollens or See, throughout their filming they find ways to show themselves multiple times in the same frame.

We also get to see YouTube personality, Chester See’s dancing skills in the second chorus (curiously performed in sock feet!) including a little dancing “flare” homage to dancing master, Michael Jackson. Dancing on a such a slick surface couldn’t have been easy!

Hollens and See worked so well together on camera and did a fantastic job of tackling this very popular song! We’re looking forward to the rest of the album and seeing what collaborations these two might tackle in the future!

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