Parents Share Story of Hope After Daughter's Suicide

Parents Share Story of Hope After Daughter's Suicide

When Alexandra Valoras committed suicide, her parents, Dean & Alicia, were completely blindsided. No parent ever plans to go through this horrible tragedy. Dean & Alicia had no warning signs leading up to their seemingly-happy daughter’s suicide.

Alexandra was what some would consider the “perfect child”. She always seemed content, had a great group of friends, a straight-A student and was making plans for her future. There was nothing to indicate that Alexandra was struggling. It wasn’t until after her death, that Alexandra’s parents came across journals that would change their perspective on depression forever. These journals were full of very raw, painful emotions that Alexandra never shared with anyone. No one know the battle that was raging inside of this sweet, loving girl.

Dean and Alicia are speaking out and sharing their story in hopes that other parents will not suffer the same tragedy that their family has gone through. Americans are known for their busy schedules, children are participating in more demanding extra-curriculars as they work toward potential scholarships for college. But at what cost? In Alexandra’s journals she wrote “I’m stretched thin”. Are we allowing children to be just that, children?

Take the time to speak with your children, your grandchildren. Encourage them to find an adult that they trust to share their feelings. We pray for peace and comfort for the Valoras family. We truly appreciate their passion in helping others see the need to listen to those in the family and not be afraid to ask hard questions.

If you or someone you you or someone you know are struggling, please seek help 1800-273-8255 (National Suicide Hotline)