Andrea Bocelli and Son Live Performance on Dancing With The Stars

Andrea Bocelli and Son Live Performance on Dancing With The Stars

Andrea Bocelli and son, Matteo, are at it again with another stunning live performance on Dancing with the Stars! We love watching this father-son duo realizing their musical dreams together. As part of the Disney-themed evening on DWTS, the song was a perfect choice as part of the evening’s line up.

With their backs to each other, each seated at a beautiful grand piano, the pair begin playing their hit song “Fall on Me” featured in Disney’s ‘Nutcracker and the Four Realms”. Beginning with Matteo singing the verse in English, Andrea follows singing in Italian. Their stunning vocals compliment each other and it’s clear that they truly love performing together. There is something truly moving about seeing Matteo look over to his shoulder to watch his father sing.

While the duo performs their new hit, professional dancers take the floor in a stunning choreographed couples dance. With sweeping turns and dips, they bring the emotion of this beautiful song to life! Hanging chandeliers, lit in a champagne pink to match the women’s dresses, add to the elegance of the performance.

The Disney film “Nutcracker and the Four Realms” opens in theatres November 1. It gives a new twist on the classic Christmas ballet story that so many have come to enjoy as part of their holiday traditions. In Disney’s film, Clara is given a key by her godfather, Drosselmeyer, to a sealed box containing a gift from her recently deceased mother. But the key falls into a parallel world containing the Land of Sweets, Snowflakes, Flowers, and the Fourth Realm. Clara must travel through them and defeat tyrant Mother Ginger to find her beloved treasure.

This stunning duet is part of Bocelli’s newest album,“Si”. The album also features Matteo’s half-brother Amos, who is an exceptionally talented pianist as well. What a beautiful gift to be able to share their talents with the world as such a stunning collaboration!