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Hilarious Baby Gorilla Has The Time Of His Life Annoying Dad

Hilarious Baby Gorilla Has The Time Of His Life Annoying Dad

This baby gorilla hilariously taunts daddy gorilla to the point of utter annoyance. We admit to having watched this more than once!

Whether you’ve been a parent, child, or even a sibling, probably everyone has experienced this situation once in their life! This cute little interaction between this cheeky baby gorilla named Lope and his very large, unimpressed Daddy had us reminiscing to our own childhood “annoy Dad” games! Full of youthful energy and a keen mindset to pick at his father, Lope first starts by pulling at the hay underneath the wall between him and Daddy gorilla. A few tugs here and there, a quick sniff of Dad’s smell, and then he scurries away. Each time he stops to see if he finally got Dad’s attention before trying again!

Meanwhile the huge silverback daddy gorilla tries his best to contain himself and not react the antics of his little one. If it wasn’t for the annoyed eye glances to and from the action, the spectators would have thought him to be asleep as he was so very still. The little one kept at it, even tumbling in front of Daddy’s eyeline to try to get a reaction! Then Dad finally started to show some signs of agitation. He adjusts his position to laying down against the wall looking as if he was ready to nap, but persistent little Lope was not going to let him. This little one started thumping the wall between them, peeking through it, and reaching underneath it. Finally, the antics got the best of Daddy gorilla and he later retreated from his resting spot leaving the younger ape to his own devices.

We love seeing how God’s creatures have such unique personalities and enjoy their time together! How awesome is our Creator to have given these special relationship between parents and children that we can see and understand!

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