Jackopierce - 'Vineyard' - Living Room Sessions Acoustic

Jackopierce - 'Vineyard' - Living Room Sessions Acoustic

Musical duo, ‘Jackopierce’ returns with their song ‘Vineyard’. Jack O’Neill and Cary Pierce started out in music together in the 80s, but over time the “work” of music began pushing them apart. After a several year hiatus, the friends are together again writing deep lyrics formed from their life experiences. It’s their maturity that has made the pair’s writing and performing style more popular than ever.

The simplistic recording is part of the popular social media experiment entitled ‘Living Room Sessions’. The idea is for musicians to share their music in a more intimate setting than the stage. As with many songs, sometimes just hearing the musicians sing them simply from the heart without staged instrumentation is the most moving. The Jackopierce team gathered in a Nashville Airbnb to flawlessly strum out their folksy tune. ‘Vineyard’ tells a flashback to a life decision that may or may not have altered one man’s path.

There is something truly whimsical in feel of ‘Vineyard’ and makes us think back to our younger days. Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books where the reader picks their ending based on choices through the story? This melodic tune seems to discuss the importance of the rat-race, life choices, and the possibility that everything worked for could disappear in a blink.

“I'm leaving more behind than I care to talk about, Just more pain than this heart and hands can use, As this big world's always spinning, All that I thought I was winning, I never thought I'd lose

Sometimes life requires a “reset” of sorts, in those moment it’s important to remember that God should be the center of our lives. Our decisions should be formed with the opportunity to use our talents wisely for Him. It’s a gentle reminder that it’s okay to shift our path, to respond to change with a step forward or even sideways to see where life takes us!

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