Humpback Whale Suprises Whale Watchers During Incredible Close Encounter

Humpback Whale Suprises Whale Watchers During Incredible Close Encounter

Whale watchers in Alaska, got their money’s worth and then some when a Humpback Whale makes a surprise splash during their outing. Ever had a close encounter with nature where you felt so small and fragile in the presence of some of God’s bigger creations? This gargantuan beast wanted his presence to be known!

As this group happily throttles along the waters awaiting to see the majestic Humpbacks in their natural habitat, they had no idea what was in store for them! They get their first glimpse of whale activity from about 100 yards away. But without warning from the calm waters near the boat came an incredible sight! The camera panned to the left just in time to see an enormous creature launch out of the water!

The whale first towers straight up and out of the water then lunges towards the boat full of spectators! With a thunderous clap of water the whale’s rapid exit into the drink sends an enormous splash of water that engulfs the crowd on the boat. The jack-in-the-box like surprise left the folks on board with nervous laughter and shocked expressions. Even the camera-man’s laughter after the bombastic encounter still had a sense of nervousness mixed with relief!

Was it a playful “here I am” from the whale or was it more of a “get off my territory” gesture? Either way, the whale-watchers had a spectacular story to tell after their trip. It’s times like these where we can further appreciate and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation all around us. The Bible says our God did create this gloriously gigantic beast and all the wonders of the deep ocean, yet he treasures us… mankind… above all of these. The next time you get to stop and enjoy God’s creation, be thankful you are in His hands.

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