Kind-hearted Teen Brings Squirrel Back To Life After Hitting It With His Car

Kind-hearted Teen Brings Squirrel Back To Life After Hitting It With His Car

We’ve all been there - No place to swerve and a fuzzy, little squirrel comes dashing out under our car. When this squirrel run into his wheel, this boy wasn’t about to let that be the end of the little guy! Watch as this kind-hearted teen brings this squirrel back to life!

Captured on the chest-camera of local police, 19-year-old Chris Felix was seen trying to revive a squirrel. The teen was driving to work when he felt his car hit something. He immediately pulled over and looked to see what he had hit. That’s when this kind-hearted teen spotted a motionless squirrel on the roadside. Chris picked up the lifeless rodent and transferred him to the side of the road.

Officers were heard exclaiming “Is that CPR? I think it is, look at him!” They were pleasantly surprised as they walked up on the teen and found him performing CPR actions on the unlucky squirrel. The teen was clearly sad about the situation and was determined to give it his best efforts. The officers begin giving suggestions to Chris to help the squirrel regain consciousness.

“He’s coming around now!” Officers joked with the teen that he should be put in for a life-saving award and that’s when the squirrel came to and shot off into the nearby greenery! “There he goes! You saved his life!” officers and teen were happily surprised as the squirrel took off. What a kind young man who clearly understands the importance of giving all living creatures our respect and care!

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