Man Pops Giant 'Lawn Bubble' In His Backyard

Man Pops Giant 'Lawn Bubble' In His Backyard

At first, this giant lawn bubble seemed like the biggest disaster but it actually turned into a fascinating viral video. This homeowner in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania was stunned when his home sprinkler system broke. He walked outside to find a bubble of water underneath his beautiful lawn.

These types of bubbles usually occur when water becomes trapped between the grass and the membrane placed underneath to help combat weed growth. The water has nowhere else to go, so it causes the lawn to inflate and appear to have water bubbles. That’s exactly what happened in this household. Just watch as this homeowner narrates his observations as he tries to drain the water from his lawn.

“I’ve never seen this before in all my life, but apparently, it’s rained so much that it’s created a large water bubble in our yard.”

The man starts to poke the giant bubble to release the water, but not much happens. He even starts to jump up and down on the protruding grass. Finally, he uses the tool to cut a larger hole into the bubble and water begins to pour out. It’s oddly satisfying to watch this entire ordeal unfold on camera.

I never knew that this could happen with a sprinkler system but it’s definitely good to know for the future. While I’m sure this wasn’t what the homeowner wanted to see in his backyard, the rest of the world was definitely intrigued. In fact, this video has been viewed thousands of times online. Has your lawn ever experienced anything like this?