Andrea Bocelli And Helene Fischer Perform Hit Single 'If Only'

Andrea Bocelli And Helene Fischer Perform Hit Single 'If Only'

Talented singers Andrea Bocelli and Helene Fischer join forces for a beautiful duet of ‘If Only.’ This incredible song is the first official single released from Bocelli’s newest album, ‘Si.’ Originally, he recorded this song with Dua Lipa, but today, Andrea Bocelli enlisted the help of German performer Helene Fischer. When these two award-winning vocals combine, you know it’s going to be a remarkable performance.

This certainly proves that even after a 14-year hiatus from releasing an album, Bocelli is still a powerhouse vocalist. Though he was still performing and collaborating with other artists during this time, fans were definitely ready for a Bocelli album release. “If Only” beautifully alternates from Italian to English between the verse and chorus.

“If only we could turn back time
Back to the day we said goodbye
Maybe your heart would still be mine
My love, if only”

Today, this enchanting song is being performed on the ‘Schlager Champions' TV Show. The moment these two step on stage, you can almost feel the electricity in the room change. When two powerhouse vocals come together, it makes for one grand slam performance.

He may not be starting over per se, but Andrea Bocelli is quickly taking the Internet by storm with his recent collaborations and original songs. Now, this iconic performer has captured the attention of a whole new generation of music lovers! We think Bocelli may have struck gold with this newest album featuring so many beloved artists and truly moving music. What do you think of the new music?