Elephant Robs Bus Driver For Bananas

Elephant Robs Bus Driver For Bananas

When you are traveling in an area with wild animals, you never know what is going to happen. Animals can be completely unpredictable and that’s exactly what happened in this case of this elephant.

Recently, a bus was traveling in Kataragama, Sri Lanka full of passengers. That is when an wild elephant appeared on the road and the bus was forced to come to a stop. This gigantic creature walked right over to the window of the bus and started to reach inside.

There were a bunch of bananas sitting right next to the driver and the elephant immediately spotted them and decided he wanted them for his own. The passengers were taken aback at this unlikely robber, but, along with the driver, they eventually surrendered the bananas. As soon as he got his bounty, this determined elephant removed his trunk from the window and walked away.

I am sure this was quite a shock for everyone on board this bus. I’ve never seen an elephant do anything like this before, but when you are on the road with wild animals, you can’t predict what will happen. I have a feeling that next time this driver is going to be very cautious about traveling with bananas in plain sight.

I can’t believe someone was able to film this entire encounter. I don’t know if that thought would’ve even crossed my mind. What would you have done if this happened to you? I would’ve given those bananas up in a heartbeat.

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