Ice Skater Performs To Classic Song 'Footloose'

Ice Skater Performs To Classic Song 'Footloose'

Enjoy this incredible video of a talented 'Footloose'-themed routine on ice. Everyone knows just how beautiful and elegant ice skating can truly be. Figure skaters have to put so much work and practice to perfect their routines and they also have to tell a story using only their body.

Skaters train for years and practice for hours 7 days a week in order to live out their dreams. But it’s all worth it when they get out on the ice and the crowd truly embraces every moment. That’s exactly what happened to Ryan Bradley when he performed for Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice at the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA, on January 26, 2012.

Ryan skated onto the ice and he already had a smile on his face before the music even started. Then, the familiar tune of ‘Footloose’ from the popular musical started to play and Ryan took off. He skated all around to this classic song and he looked like he was loving every single minute.

It’s hard not to move along with you hear this beat and the crowd was definitely getting into the performance. He somehow managed to bring all of our favorite elements from the film onto the ice and it’s absolutely amazing to watch. There were so many twists and turns that I was in awe of Ryan’s incredible talent.

He truly has a passion for performing and it all came across with this unforgettable performance. No wonder everyone is talking about this ‘Footloose’ routine so many years later. What did you think of Ryan’s routine?

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