'My Hallelujah' - Pat Barrett Acoustic Performance

'My Hallelujah' - Pat Barrett Acoustic Performance

‘You will have my hallelujah

You alone the highest name
All to You, I surrender
Every breath I take
Make my life Your grace
Spirit of the living God
Fire burning in my heart
I'm wide awake to who You are
Oh, I know that You are good
Oh, I know that You are good’

Through the darkness, there is always light from our Lord shining through. Even when we may feel as if we are so distant from Him, God will never leave our side or abandon us. He is with us each and every step of the way and He will always be the light to guide us home.

That’s exactly what the powerful lyrics of ‘My Hallelujah’ from Pat Barrett will remind you of. It’s obvious that Pat has a heart for the Lord and he truly has a God-given talent for leading worship. His songs always speak right to my heart and fuel my fire for the Lord.

Today’s acoustic performance from Pat Barrett is no different. This song is the perfect way to express how we feel about our Lord and Creator in Heaven above. He made each and every detail of this Earth and our lives. It is truly amazing when we stop to think of all that He has done for us. The more we give to God, the more He shows us just how powerful and amazing He can be. What a wonderful gift He has given to us and we are so thankful for all of His many blessings. Can I get an amen?

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