Camera Captures Bear Relaxing In A Hot Tub

Camera Captures Bear Relaxing In A Hot Tub

We all know that animals can have a mind of their own. But they are also a lot more humanlike than we give them credit for. Animals have their own emotions and they actually have similar interests to us. Altadena, California resident Mark Hough knows all about this firsthand. It was a warm day in Southern California, so Mark was enjoying a drink outside in his backyard.

Eventually, he went back inside. When he went to return, he saw the most unbelievable sight in the yard. Mark has an unheated hot tub in the backyard and that’s exactly where a bear had decided to take a little break. The bear climbed into the hot tub and was swimming around like he owned the place.

At one point, the bear even gets out of the hot tub and finishes off the drink that Mark left behind. While we’re not sure why the bear was drawn to the water, Mark thinks that the jets from the hot tub may remind the bear of the currents of a stream. This funny bear reminds me so much of a human as he leans back on the ledge.

After his swim, the bear continued around the yard and eventually took a nap in the shade. It’s obvious that this furry fellow is living his best life and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch. I’ve never seen a bear do anything like this. Have you ever seen an animal do something out of the ordinary or act like a human?

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