Middle Brother Hiding Is Surprised By Military Homecoming

Middle Brother Hiding Is Surprised By Military Homecoming

It’s never easy when a loved one is serving in the military. But this is the reality that many families in our nation must deal with every single day. They are separated for their family member and must navigate the world without them for a time period. This means celebrating births, birthdays, holidays and more without them by your side. Even though we are all so proud of what these brave men and women are doing for our country, there is still a piece of our heart that aches for them to return home.

This older brother has been away from the family serving in the military. But today, he is finally coming home and he decided to give his brother the ultimate surprise. Just watch as the middle brother, Andrew, hides behind the door so that he can surprise the youngest. The entire time, he thinks that he’s going to jump out and get a big reaction for little brother, but he has no idea that the real surprise is on him.

As he stands behind the door, the baby brother walks in and that’s when Andrew jumps out to greet him. But when he turns around, he sees his big brother in the doorway and the emotions start rolling. He jumps into his brother’s arms and you can just feel his excitement, love and joy. I know he must be so glad that his big brother is home and this was the cutest way to start off the reunion.

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