Hero Service Dog Helps Owner During Panic Attack At Airport

Hero Service Dog Helps Owner During Panic Attack At Airport

One woman was so thankful for her incredible service dog after she suffered a panic attack at the airport.

When God placed animals on this Earth, He truly knew what he was doing. The animals that become our pets definitely hold a special place in our hearts. And dogs, in particular, are well know for their companionship and love.

I think that there’s a reason they say dogs are man’s best friend. These furry friends are more than just animals, they truly become a part of our lives and families.

Some dogs do even more by helping us physically and emotionally. Oakley is one of those special dogs who helps support his owner when she has an anxiety or panic attack.

This amazing dog is trained to know the signs of an attack and ways to help calm his owner down. He has been taught to break apart her hands and keep them away from his owner’s face.

Oakley will then encourage his owner to pet him, which is also a way for her to calm down. All of this training came into use during a recent trip to the airport. Oakley’s human was feeling overwhelmed and faced 3 different incidents of feeling an attack coming on.

Each time, Oakley was right there to calm her down and make sure she was okay. After the second incident, Oakley’s owner decided to set up a camera and show the world just what how important this dog is to her overall mental health. It’s truly amazing to watch Oakley leap into action and help his owner in her time of need.

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