'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' - The Martins Live Performance

'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' - The Martins Live Performance

‘I'm happy to be in the truth,

And I will daily lift my hands:
For I will always sing of when
Your love came down.
I could sing of your love forever.’

There's nothing like a good worship song to truly make you feel closer to the Lord. When you sing out those lyrics, it's almost like His strength and love wash over us. And one of my favorite songs to sing up to Heaven is ‘I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever.’

Today, this special song is being performed by the talented group, The Martins. This incredible ensemble truly has a God-given talent and it's absolutely amazing to hear them use those talents to give praise to His name. There is truly no one greater than our God and His love and support is never-ending.

Fear may try to break us down, but with the Lord beside us, fear doesn't stand a chance. He gave us eternal life when He sent His only Son to Earth to die for us on the cross. All of our sins were forgiven and now, we're free of our chains and can live out our days in Heaven above.

There’s no doubt that we serve such an incredible Father in Heaven and one day we will all be reunited there. This song is the perfect way to lift His name in praise. I just know He is smiling down on us from above. Who else is singing along with this incredible worship hymn from The Martins?

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