Boxer Thinks The Baby's Carseat Is For Him

Boxer Thinks The Baby's Carseat Is For Him

There’s a reason that they say dogs are man’s best friend. These furry friends are more than just animals, they truly become a part of our lives and families. Some dogs even start to take on the traits and emotions of their humans. These amazing creatures are truly smarter than we ever give them credit for.

Take this dog, Nacho, for instance. Nacho is an adorable boxer who fits right in with the family. In fact, he fits in so well that he acts just like another baby around the house. This funny guy even thinks that the baby’s toys and items are for him. Just watch as his owner finds Nacho hilariously sitting in the baby’s car seat.

He was going to run some errands with his human and Nacho thought that he found the perfect seat in the entire vehicle. He turns around and sits his behind right in the baby’s car seat and I’m laughing so hard. I can’t imagine his owner’s reaction when she came out and saw Nacho sitting in the seat looking right at her.

The seat does look awfully comfy, but I think Nacho might be a little too big for this one. This funny boxer has definitely made himself a part of the family and he’s expecting to be treated exactly the same. Has your fur baby ever done anything like this before? What would your reaction be if you saw them in a situation like this? I think I’d be doubled over in laughter!

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