'Details' - Sarah Reeves

'Details' - Sarah Reeves

‘You know me better than I know myself

Your ways are higher than anything else
You have the plan far beyond all my wildest dreams
Just like you paint the fiery skies
You chose the color of my eyes
From the start until the end of time
You're in the details, you're in the details’

There’s no doubt that talented vocalist Sarah Reeves has a heart for the Lord. She is such an incredible musician and her worship music always fills my heart with joy. Sarah definitely has a God-given talent for performing and I’m so glad that she’s using that gift to give praise to His name.

Today, Sarah is singing straight to the Heavens with her beautiful song ‘Details.’ There’s truly no one who knows us the way that God does. He created us and He knows the beginning and the end. There are so many little details about our lives that God has all planned out. It’s truly remarkable when we stop to think about it all.

This song is such a great reminder that God is always by our side and He will see us through anything. He has planned out our lives and He will never abandon us or lead us astray. He is the rock we can depend on and the light that will always be there to guide us home. What an incredible feeling know that our Lord is so mighty and powerful. These lyrics really hit home for me. How about you?

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