Trombone Players Pull Off Risky Routine

Trombone Players Pull Off Risky Routine

We love High School football games! The students are always so excited to be there and root for their team. Who can help but tap their toe along with the encouraging music played by the band. Since social media has become the norm, marching and pep bands have upped their game.

This trombone “suicide routine” from China Spring High School in Texas, is not one to miss! A trombone suicide is a marching band term to explain the alternating pattern that the horns make to precise beats. Of course, it’s important that every member is paying attention and doesn’t forget when to duck or turn. It’s very easy to make a mistake. For this very reason some trombone slides are taped in place to keep from shifting during the movement.

The CS High School group has obviously worked tirelessly on their choreography. As they line up, there is no denying they are pleased to present this difficult stunt for their fellow students and parents. The drum line begins the rhythm and the anticipation grows. With the first few beats, these musicians show that they have some strong dancing skills as well!

The trombonist begin swinging their oversized instruments back and forth, and understandably, the crowd goes wild. This is the reaction they were hoping to receive! The percussionists continue to play a cadence while their trombonists counterparts move with precise accuracy to the beat.

While more and more schools are beginning to ban the trombone suicide, it’s always exciting to see one performed well. Our heart raced a little bit and there was no denying a little tapping along to the rhythm while we watched!