Girl Terrorizes Mom With Regrettable Christmas Gift

Girl Terrorizes Mom With Regrettable Christmas Gift

I think this mom just discovered the most regrettable Christmas gift. In this viral Facebook video posted by the family, you get to see first hand how this poor mom is ‘terrorized’ by a toy microphone.

The microphone acts as an amplifier and when you speak into it, you voice echoes loudly for all to hear. Well, when this little girl got her hands on the toy, she took full advantage of all it had to offer.

As she started to shout for her mom, Dad decided to record the hilarious moment on camera. Even though Mom is nowhere to be seen, we know she can definitely hear her daughter as these words ring throughout the house, ‘Now I can yell for you anywhere in the house. You cannot escape my voice.’ If you listen closely, you can even hear Dad laughing in the background as this funny little girl plays with her newest gift.

This video has over 65 million views and one you watch, it’s easy to see why. You cannot help but chuckle as this little cutie tries to find her mom and figure out what she’s doing. This is a perfect example of how sometimes it’s the most innocent looking gifts that turn out to be the most regrettable. I have a feeling this is one of those toys that ends up getting ‘lost’ really quick. Has something like this ever happened to you? Go ahead and share your ‘warnings’ so other parents can heed the advice.

Was this Christmas gift a mistake?

Our little girl :)

Posted by Vegan Publishers on Tuesday, December 26, 2017