'Christmas In The Country' - Bill And Gloria Gaither And Friends

'Christmas In The Country' - Bill And Gloria Gaither And Friends

It doesn’t get much better than Christmas in the country and you’ll be reminded of this as you listen to this holiday song from Bill and Gloria Gaither and friends.

‘Oh, there's nothing quite like Christmas in the county
The simple joy of family by the fire
And Carols ringing out across the valley
The neighbors that make up the village choir’

This special song will take you back to a simpler time and what is truly important at the holidays. The Gaithers are one of the most iconic names in Christian music. In fact, they have been singing for the Lord since the 1950s. In this video, The Gaithers sing an incredible rendition of ‘Christmas In The Country’ and their friends join them on stage. Some of these many friends include Terry Blackwood, Lisa Daggs, Buddy Mullins, Squire Parsons, Ann Downing and Sarah DeLane. Together, they belt out this Christmas song and it’s hard not to sing along with the uplifting words.

‘Oh, the joy of Christmas in the country
The love and warmth of gentle memories
And going back to a simple old love story
It's waiting in the country just for me’

These lyrics make me think of singing hymns at church for Christmas service and sitting around the fire drinking cocoa with the family. I can even picture the snow falling outside and covering all of the trees in a picturesque blanket of white. What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Does this song remind you of your holiday traditions?