Chris Pratt Tells Teens He Loves God During Awards Speech

Chris Pratt Tells Teens He Loves God During Awards Speech

Chris Pratt may be a big Hollywood actor, but he is not at afraid to talk about God and be open about his faith. Chris has come a long way in his Hollywood career. But this levelheaded guy doesn’t let his celebrity status get in the way of his firm faith, and he admits that he never misses an opportunity to get vocal about God. And in a world where it’s unpopular to express your opinion about the Lord, this is a big stance for Chris to take.

Today, he is accepting an award at the 2018 Kid’s Choice Awards and he’s taking the time to share the message of Jesus. “I want to thank God. I always do that when I’m up on a big platform in front of a bunch of young faces. I say ‘I love God.’ That’s my thing. I love Him and you should too.”

The life of a movie star often seems glamorous from the outside looking in, but Chris has weathered his share of storms. Before this blockbuster star became an actor, Chris got caught up in the “party” lifestyle. But thankfully, he met Jesus and now he wants everyone else to know the glory of our Lord.

It’s so amazing to watch a star of this caliber use his platform to give praise to our God’s name. There are so many young people in the audience and watching at home that will hear this powerful acceptance speech. What an incredible message for today’s generation.

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