'Right Where You Want Me' - Sarah Reeves Official Video

'Right Where You Want Me' - Sarah Reeves Official Video

‘I've got my mind made up

I've got my eyes fixed on You
Nothing can hold me back
Nobody can take me from You, from You
You got me right where You want me
And I got eyes for You only, only
Take me from glory to glory
You got me right where You want me’

If the Devil is looking at us like the enemy, than that proves that we are right where God needs us to be. That powerful line from 'Right Where You Want Me' from Sarah Reeves stands out and speaks so many truths.

Today, we get to hear a special rendition of this incredible song and it’s absolutely amazing. It will truly remind us that when we put our trust in the Lord, He will take control. And when God holds the key, He will put us right where we need to be. They always say that the louder we praise His name, the harder the enemy will fall and I think that is absolutely true. There is no battle that the Lord cannot win and when we stand beside Him, we will always be victorious.

This worship song is the perfect way to raise our voices together and spread the good news of our Lord and Savior. There is no one like our God and to serve Him is the most amazing feeling. I’m so glad that Sarah Reeves put all of these feelings into a worship song. Who else wants to join together and shout out these powerful lyrics?

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