Boy And Bear Have Jumping Contest At The Zoo

Boy And Bear Have Jumping Contest At The Zoo

There is truly nothing like watching a child interact with one of God’s creatures. Big or small, all of His creations never cease to amaze me. God truly put so much thought into each and every animal that they are a wonder to behold. And watching them come together with another of God’s greatest creations, a child, is so beautiful. And that’s exactly what happened when 5-year-old Ian went on a recent visit to the Nashville Zoo.

When we got to the bear exhibit, he met Luka, a 5-year-old Andean bear. Luka was swimming around the water, but when she spotted Ian, she was immediately interested in the little boy. Just watch as Luka presses herself against the glass in order to see little Ian. That’s when Ian decides to jump up and down and the most incredible thing happens. Luka follows Ian’s moves and starts to jump too.

I love watching them engage in the cutest competition and it’s all caught on camera. You never know how animals are going to act, especially at the zoo. But it’s so incredible to see this beautiful creature enjoying her home and having some fun with the visitors that stop by.

I’m so glad Ian’s dad was recording every moment because I have a feeling they’ll be looking back on this footage for a long time. Have you ever encountered anything like this when you’ve visited the zoo? I sure would’ve loved to see this whole silly situation in person. How about you?

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Posted by Patrick Parker on Tuesday, June 12, 2018