Christian Speaker On 5 Tips For Dealing With Social Media

Christian Speaker On 5 Tips For Dealing With Social Media

Jefferson Bethke is a popular Christian on YouTube and a motivational speaker. Every day, he receives different questions about God and he always tries his best to answer them in a biblical way. He never shies away from the tough topics and he always gives honest and open commentary. Especially in this current world, it’s always refreshing to hear a Christian address some of these topics.

Today, Jefferson is looking at one of the most controversial subject in our current times and that is social media. Social media use has exploded in recent years and while there are many good uses of this technology, there are also so major downfalls. In our current world, it’s easy to become distracted or believe that pieces of technology can actually help better ourselves. It can lead a person to be antisocial, self-conscious or ignore the actual world around them.

Jefferson and his family are no stranger to cell phones and social media, but they’ve put in place some parameters to guard themselves from the dangers. Now, he’s sharing 5 tips for using social media and things that have worked in his family. This includes not taking your phone into the bedroom and completely shutting it off for one day a week.

These tips, along with others, can go a long way in making sure that your family utilizes this growing technology in a smart and safe way. These are some great points. Do you have any other tips that have worked for your family?

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