Bees Work Together To Help Hurt Friend

Bees Work Together To Help Hurt Friend

God truly put a lot of time and effort into placing all of the beautiful creatures on this Earth. He knew exactly what He was doing with each and every one and they are all a sight to behold. From the most majestic and grand animals, like whales and elephants, all the way down to the bugs and the bees, each creature holds something special.

When we truly take the time to look at them, you will discover an elaborate world of God’s creation. These bees are the perfect example. A group of beekeepers in small town in South West Michigan were harvesting honey a couple weeks ago when a worker bee fell into the honey extractor. They knew that they couldn’t let this poor creature die, so they rescued her and placed her at the entrance to the beehive. That is when the most amazing thing started to happen.

Her fellow bees worked for over 30 minutes to clean off the honey from all over the body. They all pitched in and every amazing moment was capture on camera. This beekeeper knew ‘that her sisters would help her’ and that’s exactly what happened.

I never knew that bees would do something like this but it is so incredible to watch God’s masterpieces in motion. I cannot help but to marvel at the details that He put into every single being on this planet. Have you ever seen anything like this before? What other fascinating sights have you seen in nature?

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